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Note : Times are an estimate depending on the amount of time you spend at each activity. Confirm with your
guide on the day.

Day 1

07:00am  Pick up at your hotel in Bangkok to leave for the province of Kanchanaburi. (Option : Floating 
Market at Damnoen Saduak 300 Baht/pp.)

10:30am  Arrive in Kanchanaburi with your first stop being a visit to the world famous Bridge over the River 
Kwai and the Allied Prisoner of World War II Cemetery.

11:00am  Take a train ride along part of the "Death Railway" to Nam-Tok station which costs an additional 
150 Baht/pp. Nam-Tok (Waterfall) station is the last existing train station of the Thailand-Burma railway in 
Thailand. On the way the train will pass along the infamous wooden trestle bridge (As seen in the movie 
Casualties of War) that runs along the side of a cliff. This is one exciting train ride you will never forget!

01:00pm  Arrive at Nam Tok station for a delicious lunch at the Local Thai Restaurant, whether you like
spicy or not spicy you will enjoy the food at this great restaurant. 
(Not Include)
01:30pm  Visit the picturesque Sai Yok Noi waterfall, one of Thailand's most amazing natural wonders and
the old abandoned Japanese Train from WW2 that sits in the jungle very close to the falls.

02:30pm  From here it's onto the Weary Dunlop Museum (Option), A museum that remembers Colonel Sir
Ernest Edward "Weary" Dunlop, (12 July 1907 – 2 July 1993) who was an Australian surgeon who was
renowned for his leadership while being held prisoner by the Japanese during World War II. (This is a private
museum and is not always open.)

03:30pm  Transfer to 
your hotel in Kanchanaburi for Check-in. 

Day 2

07:30am  Wake up nice an early for a wonderful breakfast at your hotel and prepare for the second day of 
this wonderful tour.

08:30am  Your first stop on the second day is a visit to the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum, here you can 
take a walk through the part of the railway known as Hellfire Pass. This part of the railway was cut through 
the shear rock face of the mountain by allied P.O.W.'s using mere hand tools. Hellfire Pass is so called
because the sight of emaciated prisoners labouring at night by torchlight was said to resemble a scene 
from Hell!

10:00am  From Hellfire Pass the next stop on our tour is a visit to Kasae Buddha Cave which was used as
Prisoner of War hospital during WW2 for POW to get to the cave you will walk along part of the trestle bridge
of the Death Railway that passes the cave.

10:45am  Leave for the Elephant Camp where you can enjoy a cool down while swimming and bathing with
these magnificent beasts. Here you can also take an elephant jungle trek for additional 700 Baht/pp or the
cheaper option of Elephant Rides for Free (Please select in the option box.), as well as river 
rafting down the
River Kwai 350 Baht/pp for a minimum time of 30 minutes. Don’t forget to visit the 
rogue bunch of monkeys
while on tour.
01:00pm  Enjoy another wonderful lunch at a Thai Restaurant. (Not Include)
02:00pm  Here's one for the Bucket List : Visit to the 
Tiger Safari Park. (Entrance Fee 600 Baht/pp)
You will take a mini-bus to inside the park. There are 8 zones. The driver will take you through each section,
giving you excellent photo opportunities as well as getting “up close and 
personal” with several animals.
You can clasp the animals affectionalely around the neck. You can feed the 
animals directly from the bus as
they all come up, or you can feed food from your mouth”. You will enjoy and 
feel the atmosphere of 
excitement. Part wild animals, for example Tigers and Lions, will not approach or to 
harm tourists.

Recommended Optional Extra   :

  • Feed Lion Cubs & Play & Photo. (600 Baht/pp) 
  • Feed Tiger Cubs & Play & Photo. (600 Baht/pp)
  • Feed Leopard Cubs & Play & Photo. (600 Baht/pp)

04:30pm  Leave Kanchanaburi Province for Bangkok.


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